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JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED, TIMMY!!!!  The two murderers will now face life without parole behind bars.  We got justice on the 3 1/2 year angelversary of January 13, 2011.  May God have mercy on their souls as I never will forgive them.  They took away a baby, a sweet innocent little boy for no reason because they ARE COWARDS!!!!!!  May you both rot and burn in hell. 





daniels momma
Thinking of you always ..stay close to your mom !! love to you both xoxoxo
Ew , to my old memory i wrote it so long ago. lol.

I had so many memories with timmy. I remember when it was timmy , frankie , and I . We were on the trampoline and they were trying to teach me to flip but i was to scared. Another memory is when me, eric and trinity were on the trampoline and timmy came and jumped on to scare us. Another one was watching my brothers , timmy and their friends play cards at my house all day. i just remember timmy and there's to many memories to share. I love you and miss you tim! Fly high ! and watch over everyone especially your mom and brothers. ♥

As each day goes by I think of all my memories that I have and I stop and strain to try and remember more.  Why does my mind go blank when I try to conjure up more memories???  I know there are many even in just short 15 years.  The love I have for you Timmy will never fade.  I hope my memories never fade, I wish I could just see your face one more time, hear your voice, or your big belly laugh and that goofy grin you always had.  Just to hug you and tell you that I love you and I always did and always will.  I cry all the time and think did I tell you enough how much I love you, did I hug you enough.  You always made me smile, you always made me laugh even when times were tough.  You were such a great kid, you would have been such a great man.  It is summer now and I remember going down the shore.  How you loved the beach.  I remember the last time we went and how you and Billy just kept catching those sand crabs and bringing them back up in a bucket.  How you guys would ride the waves and stay in the water until your lips turned blue.  We had so much fun down the shore.  Even on the drive down and back even when you kept asking "are we there yet", "are we getting close".  My heart is so broken without you.   I love you forever and a day my sweet angel.  "Good night baby cakes, don't stay up late, love ya."


The holidays are over.  My son would have been 18 this year, on New Year's Eve 2009.  I don't think I ever want to celebrate them again.  It was too hard this year to get thru.  I have some cute pics I wanted to add, I finally went to the store and got them scanned to a CD.  It nearly brought me down looking at these pictures I will add them to the gallery, but this one is one of the cutest.  He just looked so darn cute in yellow!  I love you sweet baby boy, my angel Timmy.  I'll love you until the end of time.

frances fisher~Josh Browns sis
Brittany Bell
i remember when timmy was sick and he had an abseth on his throat and the doctor didnt even know what it was they were just giving him antibiotics and i had told my mom about it and my mom told me to call him right away and tell him to tell his doctor to cut it open to get the fuilds out before it broke and maybe have possibly have killed him if it did because it was on his throat, so i did and after betty talked to the doctor timmy called me and told me that the doctor said "oh yeah, thats definitly a good idea," and he did get it cut open and he was okay after that. there some many things that i will never forget about with timmy he was one of my very best friends !!! and still is !!! there isnt a day i dont think about him, NOT ONE!! he is all over my car, bookbag and heart !!! i love you timmy and always will !!!!! not ever will i forget you, how could i ? you are too amazing
Well yesterday was Labor Day and my brothers b/d who passed on 1/3/07 6 months before Timmy was killed.  My cat of 15 years (same age as Timmy) died.  He was sick for a little while, a few months, but my son didn't want him to be put down, said he would scare Tiger.  So we took care of him the best we could.  Then on Monday I saw him in his chair upstairs and he looked like he was struggling to breath.  I wrapped him up and took him to my oldest son (he's the one who found Tiger all those years ago in the pouring rain and brought him home) and Tiger took 2 final breaths and died in his arms.  I cried all day and night.  I'll miss by kitty, but I know Timmy will now take care of him for me.  I LOVE YOU TIMMY, I LOVE YOU TIGER! 

This is one of my most favorite pictures of my baby.  Christmas Eve.  He got that hat from my friend who he loved going there for their best Christmas Party Ever!!  My son's 2 year angelversary July 13th, 2009.  May God help me thru this, because I don't think I can, maybe in body, but not in my heart or my soul. 


Heather {frankie's lil sister.!}
Timmy was such a great kid. him and my brother were best friends. he would always come to my house with my brother and mess with me. i remember going
down there and him, my brother, and billy were always doing something like the three muskateers. My brother and timmy were always being active and listening to tupac lOl. I miss you and Love you.! Fly high.


Never Forgotten EVER!

My Angel

Angel in the Sky

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